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Leather cleaning stock

Regular cleaning of your leather furnishings will maintain them in prime condition and extend their life expectancy considerably.  Over time, body oils, perspiration, skin acids and general soiling will work into the leather if it is not cleaned regularly and correctly.


The reason we most get asked to clean leather is so it looks nice and new again, but if your leather is dirty, the dirt can also damage the leather, and so your leather won't last as long as it would normally have done.  Dirt gets into creases and cracks and holds them open, which again can make your leather look aged and worn, causing the damage to get worse as the leather ages.

Leather is a natural material, just like our skin, and if it isn't nourished on a regular basis it will start to dry out.   Drying of leather can then lead to the leather becoming hard, stiff and eventually, it will begin to crack.   We can use a formulated ingredient rich leather conditioner, which will soften and revive even the most dried out leathers, bringing life back into your upholstery.


We can also apply a protective cream to the surface of the leather to aid durability, help repel stains, prevent the absorption of dirt, oils and grease and also helps to block out the suns rays that will fade the leather.  Prices from just £60 for a leather suite.

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