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Most people are unaware of  how dirty their carpets actually are, They may even look clean.  Please look at the picture on the right to see how much dirt is extracted from a typical carpet clean.


Carpets get dirty from everyday use.  Dirt and dust gets trapped in the fibres of the carpet and over time builds up. This is usually made up of general dust, skin particles and obvious dirt brought in by animals and shoes.


Buckets of dirty water

Once your carpets have been cleaned - you should notice a huge difference - they will feel cleaner and smell fresh, as well as looking visibly brighter.  Footfall marks are often found on walkways and around sofas.  These areas are given special attention as they can be quite stubborn.  Please be aware that these areas may be worn - no amount of cleaning can change this.

We often receive calls to see if anything can be done to rescue a carpet as it is very grubby with many stains.  We are more than happy to clean a "test area" - a free no obligation service we offer.  We only charge you if you decide to have the carpet cleaned - you do not pay for any test areas - no matter how long we are with you.  - And definately no hard sell!!


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